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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The First DIY Dungeons Event!

If you guys didn't make it to our debut event @ the Clocktower Gallery in lower Manhattan, you really missed out! We had 3 awesome games going (which were described earlier) and we all had a super awesome time. Special thanks to everyone at Babycastles, The Clocktower Gallery, and Allison Leah Alston for the photos!

DIY arcade games included one about the Israeli Palestinian conflict called peacemaker.

Duke Ruben's Pizza Kingdom ruled.

The game/installation room, gamelan gongs going off in surround sound.

Brians Cthulhu game 'No Future.'

Ray's Cyberpanky N.O.W. game, 'McDonald's Mercs.'

Tavis & Tim @ Tavis's crossover ACK/XXXXtreme Street Luge game.

And if you missed this one, come to the next one!
Here is a facebook event. (here)

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