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Monday, December 10, 2012

Program for our first event W/ Babyharvester!

Hello everyone! 

First off, I hope you have all emailed to RSVP for our first event tomorrow night! 

Here is a program of the games we will be running. Tim Hutchings had to cancel and will not be running a game, but he will probably drop by and hang out. 

Tavis Allison: I'll be running an homage to the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, in which

a group of kids ride a roller coaster that transports them to a fantasy world. This scenario unfolds in 1983 at the L.A. amusement park from which these kids recently disappeared. Players choose to take on the roles of either 1) a party of wizards and warriors going the other way through this portal and exploring a strange land of bright lights and dismal smog, or 2) a posse of 16 year olds, one of whom will grow up to be Vin Diesel, whose Saturday night is rudely interrupted by these broadsword bozos. The game will be a mash-up of the Adventurer Conqueror King System (for fantasy characters) and XXXXTreme Street Luge (for '80s ones).

D&D cartoon from the 80's
Ray Weiss: I'll be running my new game Cyberpanky N.O.W. which is essentially a 70's D&D approach to cyberpunk games. In my game, the characters will take on the roles of mercenaries who have been hired by Mc' Donalds to go terrorize and trash several other competing fast food establishments in an adventure I've lovingly titled, 'Mc Donalds Mercs'. The last time I ran this adventure, A player decided that the best way to terrorize the establishment was to defecate on the front window, as you can clearly see it will be a fun, chaotic, and cyberpunk'n good time. 

Standard game equipment
Brian Dudolevitch (Guest GM!): Brian is running a Call Of Cthulhu adventure he wrote called 'No Future' which takes place in late seventies England right about when the Sex Pistols started playing out. Knowing that Brian is one of the best GM's that I know, this game is guaranteed to kick ass as anyone who played his game at the Everything Is Dolphin's release knows. 

H.P. Lovecraft & Punk were made for each other. 

If you cant make this event tomorrow, stay tuned for our next event on 12/22 at a punk house in the Bronx!

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