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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hi & welcome! Let me tell you about us.

DIY DUNGEONS is a pen and paper gaming troupe dedicated to both playing games in unconventional environments and providing a dense, intimate, and fulfilling role playing game experience. NYC happens to have the largest concentration of role players in the country and possibly the world, but there are very few places to go and play without paying lots of money, or in big awkward convention spaces. We seek to jointly explore the existential implications of everything from original games from the 70s, modern games, & story games all while having unique problem-solving fun doing so. 

DIY DUNGEONS is put together by Ray Weiss, author of RPG Everything Is Dolphins and guitarist in Butter The Children; Tavis Allison, co-author of RPG Adventurer Conquerer King, and lead blogger at The Mule Abides; & Tim Hutchings, artist & creator of the Play Generated Map And Document Archive. 

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